Why did I start blogging?


As you can read in “About” page I’m in love with Creation since I was born 🙂 and write a blog is create something – something in written. Some years ago I started to write a blog, but I didn’t have a real topic to write about – it was just for fun:)
As You think nobody read any of my posts and I stopped it after 2 months…

And then I didn’t think about blogging till I read this post from Eva Murray. I read it, liked it, then I forgot about it… But before the Oster-holiday I took my Tableau Qualified Associate Exam and I wanted to share my experience with my colleagues (to help them prepare) and then it came to my mind: why don’t write a blog and tell everybody who is interested in? And here we are 🙂

Here I will share my experience and the founded best practices and I hope I can help you with my thoughts and findings.

My second idea was to write it down on my native language because before the exam I found some posts which helped me prepare but I would be so happy if I found somebody to ask – and it is  more comfortable to ask a ‘compatriot’ 🙂

So I decided to write a Hungarian blog also, and give something to the Hungarian Analytics/BI community – if exists. I don’t think that they can’t read and learn everything in English but it’s easier to understand something new on our own language. And if somebody trasnlated his/her findings I would rather read it in Hungarian 😉


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