Month: May 2017

How to chose the right chart & how to create it in Tableau


When I started to create analyses and visualizations I tried to find out which chart / style is the best for the current task/problem. I found 3 way to choose the right way and create something to make everybody to understand my point. First, the “5-questions method“:

1) Do you want to compare values?

Charts are perfect for comparing one or many value sets, and they can easily show the low and high values in the data sets. To create a comparison chart, use these types of graphs:

  • Column

(Click here to view interactive workbook on Tableau Public)



How to answer questions with Tableau? /Tableau tutorial


I wrote a blogpost to the blog of my employer in Hungarian, but I’d like to share this with You, because it could be really helpful if

  • You or your company is planning to start using BI Tool but don’t know yet which
  • You’re using Tableau, but you need to convince Your boss to by Tableau for other users within the company to collaborate
  •  You’re dealing with data, analysis or reports day to day and You’d like to do your job on a more effective way (for You there will be detailed tutorials on my channel and posts on my blog later)




1, Here you can apply to the exam– you can modify your appointment later but here you need to pick one and pay the 250$ fee.

2, !! here are the expectations of your computer and your internet connection – this is very important to test these before the exam. If it turns out after the start, that there is missing something or your connection speed is low, it could happen, that you’re not allowed to start the exam – what means losing your the fee.  (more…)

BI Tools – Tableau


These days BI product are very common and everybody knows almost one of them. They can produce beautiful visualizations, dashboards, analytics, connect to any data; you can use them to cleanse/restructure your data, or build a machine learning project, combine them with your statistical and programming skills… all of them has their own advantages.
In my opinion You can find the best for all of your tasks/project You just need to know their features and what is their real strength. (more…)

10 curses of the analytical thinker


I found this article called 10 curses of the analytical thinker and first I wasn’t interrested but than read the bottom line and after that the whole writing 🙂 It was funny when I found myself between the lines because my friends always blame me for these things… But now I know what to reply – I got 10 blessings for the aforementioned curses:

Curse Blessing
Information addict Well read
Vacillatory Unbiased
Indecisive Well thought
Insensitive Child like naivety
Habitual Consistent
Socially inept Brutally onest
Skeptical Reality based
Poor meketers Thoruogh analysis
Politically incorrect Straightforward
Loners Independent