Tableau Desktop 10 Intermediate Exam


Few weeks ago I passed my Tableau Desktop 10 Intermediate Exam and I’d like to share my experience.
Before the exam – of course, and You know why – I tried to find everything what is on the Internet about this exam. But after my long search I had some unexpected experience so I’d like to increase the number of posts about it 😉

I found comments about who did (or didn’t do) what before the exam but I thought I need the training and many practice sets to be confident. I didn’t have the recommended 5 months’ experience with Tableau but after attending the training, doing all the homework and practice sets I passed the exam with 88% so this was enough for me 😊

Here is my experience based list about what I couldn’t found on the Internet before:

  • On the exam registration page, you can book your seat after payment and you’re allowed to modify it
  • You have 15 minutes to click on the “start my exam” button from the start of your exam-period – if you miss it, you miss your money and fail the exam…
  • After you click on “start my exam” there will be a chat window where the invigilator contacts to you and asks questions
  • You can use any website during the exam which seems to be helpful but it wasn’t easy to find the answer for the specific questions and there wasn’t much time to search – my favorite was Tableau Online Help.
  • There are far more theoretical questions than I’ve expected – as I remember, there were 12-14 from the 36. Some of them are trivial but there are some more complex which I needed to search after on the internet (with lack of success sometimes)
  • at the end of the exam you need to click on “Confirm” button to ensure you are ready, and after it you get back to your invigilator who send your exam to evaluation and shows your score
  • +1 personal experience: the time was just enough for me to do the exam. First I did questions which I could do easily and marked those where I didn’t know the answer or wasn’t sure. After that I started to search on the web and tried to finish the rest. At the end, I had 5 minutes to ensure myself I did my best… 😝

So first these’re my tips and experiences but there is more info about the exam and preparation with tests in my next post.



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