After my first post about this topic now I try to give you a guide about how to prepare for the exam. I collected here everything I found. Hope that helps 😉

  1. My first advice is if you can afford, participate on the training. It’s not just a good preparation for the exam but you can learn many useful Tableau insights
  2. Next comes the exam preparation guide. I added comments to this official guide with links of where to find more info and marks about the “hardcority” of them 😉
    1. Green tick marks – I put the links but I’m almost sure you know enough for the exam
    2. Green background – for me these were the “need to check” part
    3. No mark – there are detailed info on the links but I could do the exam without checking these additionals
  3. Parallelly with the previous point you can start to do the tests (and more tests 😉 ). They helped me to find out what to expect from the exam. Looking back, they were almost the same as I got on the real exam. They gave me confidence about my knowledge and guided me what to learn. But after the training I could do almost all of them correctly.
    The only difficulty was to find the right dataset with which I can get the right numbers as answer – after long looking I found this the best (not for all tests but the most of them…)
  4. And finally, there are useful links with some advanced staff – I absolutely could do my exam without them but I wanted to share them just for fun 😊


My next post will be about how to register, what expectations are for your computer and some more advise 😊


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