1, Here you can apply to the exam– you can modify your appointment later but here you need to pick one and pay the 250$ fee.

2, !! here are the expectations of your computer and your internet connection – this is very important to test these before the exam. If it turns out after the start, that there is missing something or your connection speed is low, it could happen, that you’re not allowed to start the exam – what means losing your the fee. 

3, here I found a video about the “chat” with the procort invigilator. It was conforting foir me to know wht will hapen after I click on the “start my exam” button 🙂 (although first just a chat window came in and after that we started a video conf)

4, useful tips and advise:

  1. Everything should be closed on your computer (everything means your invigilator will check your computer) But inside of the virtual mashine it is allowed to use the web and of course the Tableau Online Help – it is the most helpful site for this exam.
  2. Read carefully! I can’t emphasize it enough. It does metter that the question is about the sum Sales of 2017 in Peru or the same number for the whole word…
  3. The exam contains now (in 2017) 36 questions and it worth 100 points. From this 12-15 is theoretical and the others practical questions. And:
  • effective time management is important – if you don’t know sg or not sure, just go further, mark the question and
  • use a new sheet for all questions and name it after the number of the question (easier to find the marked questions at the end)
  • simplicity is the key – it doesn’t metter how you get the answer, you just need to pick the right answer form a list.

+1, more info about the examin my previous posts: the exam & preparation

… and if this wasn’t enough, here you can read about exam experience of others: 😉


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