This is a blog about the love of visual analytics 🙂

And why “Creation”?
I choose this name for my blog because for me, personally analyzing and visualizing data means creation, creativity, implementation of ideas. I always admired people who are talented in painting, writing, drawing, sculpture… in any type of art, because they can Create Something. It means they give something to others what they could like or not, love or hate but it exists and – if you know what I mean – it is “done”.

As I’m not talented in any type of arts I missed this felling but always looked for it 😊 It turned out early that I can’t draw even a flower so after the Kindergarten I didn’t tried t again. In my teen-ages I tried to write novels (never read any of them 😝 ), I was a member of a chorus and a company (I mean the school-theatre) but after that I thought it’s time to see my life on a realistic way and  as I decided to start my economic-studies.

Till beginning of this year, I wasn’t thinking about Creative “Creation” again – and this also doesn’t begin with that expectation. After 8 years at the administrative side (HR development and business consulting) I started to learn something new, something interesting. I’ve started with some university study: Analytics Platform then nothing could stop me 😃 I decided to learn more about analytics but didn’t know where to start so just learned what I found: SQL, PowerBI, SSIS.

And it was just the beginning because with my little knowledge I was hired to learn more than work in Analytics area. I was a bit scary to me – to learn programming, ETL, data visualization software and I was lost in learning these new amazing things… And after 4 months of studying I realized, that this is what I (ever) wanted to do – it’s creation and I can do it 😃 I can’t wait for where my journey goes on.. 😃